RMR Footprint Optic Cut (Holosun 407c/507c/508t) for CZ75


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This is a service to cut your CZ75 slide (P01, SP01 etc) for a RMR pattern optic. Due to the RMR footprint being wider than the CZ slide, this footprint requires a plate. Your slide will be custom cut to fit our RMR plate (new plates with other footprints likely in the future). The plate will cut away your CZ rear iron dovetail, but the plate includes a Glock style dovetail. The optic plate will be attached to the slide by 3 screws and it will be installed with loctite when you receive your slide back. This package also includes the front and rear iron sights that will work with our plate system and the optic. The front bosses WILL be milled in to locate the optic as this is the way the optic was designed to be located and this ensures universal fitment for any optic that is in spec. The threaded holes will not break into any of the internal parts of the slide. The holes are threaded 6-32. Please note: The internals (extractor, firing pin etc) must be included on this slide, as we will need to shorten the extractor retaining pin after we cut the slide. We do not need the barrel or recoil spring. If the extractor is not included, you will be responsible for shortening it (to 3/8") yourself. Also, models with a LCI can be cut, however the LCI will no longer function as it gets partially cut away. We CANNOT cut SP01 Shadow models at this time.

**Screws will be included.

Note: This RMR cut was designed so that it can be cut on top of a previous Holosun K footprint cut done by us.

Recommended Sights for Lower 1/3 Co-witness: Lower 1/3 cowitness sights will be included. They are blacked out, the rear is an Angry Bear Arms and the front is a Dawson Precision.

COATINGS: There is also an option to add Cerakote, Black Nitride or bluing to the slide. We offer the Cerakote in Graphite Black, FDE, ODG, Tungsten and Burnt Bronze and it will be applied to the entire slide. The cold bluing will be applied to just the area we cut and your factory finish will remain everywhere else. This type of finish is not as consistent and visually appealing as the Cerakote, but offers some protection for the bare metal. We also now offer a black nitride coating. The nitride is a much harder finish than the Cerakote and will not wear as quickly. It is similar to many factory coatings and offers a clean uniform black look. We work with a local company to offer the nitride, so lead times are not guaranteed. Estimated 3-4 weeks total turnaround.

The optic plate will be finished with graphite black cerakote.

THE PROCESS: Once you checkout with your chosen optic cut you will receive an email with instructions on how to ship the slide to us. Please ship us your stripped slide only, we are not an FFL and cannot handle frames! We will complete the cut and/or Cerakote and then ship the slide back to you quickly! You will receive an email once the slide has been shipped back to you.

TIMELINE: Once we receive your slide, we will complete the work in 2 weeks or less and get it shipped back to you. This includes coating.

PLEASE NOTE: Your order will be returned to the address that you provide at checkout. Please follow instructions and include a copy of your confirmation email when you ship your slide to us, failure to follow this will result in increased turnaround time.


DISCLAIMER: This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed,
or warranted by CZ. CZ does not warrant or represent that
this product is compatible with CZ pistols.

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P01, SP01, B, BD, Compact


Black Nitride (Increased Lead Time), Blue the Cut Area, Graphite Black Cerakote, FDE Cerakote, OD Green Cerakote, Tungsten Cerakote, Burnt Bronze Cerakote


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