Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I send my slide in for an optic cut/coating?

Answer: You simply add the cut you would like to your cart while selecting your preferred coating. You then checkout and pay for the service. Once paid, you will receive a confirmation email with the instructions and the address where you can ship you slide. You print out that confirmation email and include that with your slide. Be sure to fill out the bottom of the confirmation email, declaring what your package contains.

How far do I need to strip my slide down?

Answer: Wager Machine Works only requires that you remove your barrel and recoil spring before you ship us your slide. If you are capable and you wish to full strip your slide, feel free to do so and keep the internal parts with you (the only exception to this would be some of the slides that require you send us your extractor pin so that we can shorten it). We will strip the slide before the machine work and then reassemble it after the work is completed. We will not reinstall your iron sights on most cuts unless the “Iron Install” is purchased with the optic cut/coating.

Do I need to clean my slide before I send it to you?

Answer: While we do not require a deep cleaning, we request that any excessively dirty or oily slides be quickly wiped down before shipment. And if you have any grip tape or adhesive of any kind on the sides of your slide, we ask that it be removed and all the adhesive cleaned off before shipment. Failure to comply with this may result in extra cleaning charges.

How should I ship my slide to you?

Answer: The easiest way would be to go to your local post office and get a small flat rate box (free at the post office). Wrap your slide in paper/bubble wrap and put your required paperwork in. Be sure to tape all the seams of the box and we recommend adding some insurance ($300-500 per slide) to cover you in case of loss/damage.

Where are you located/Can I drop my slide off in person?

Answer: We are located just outside of Crossville, TN. We do not have a storefront and generally do not allow local drop offs at this time, if you are local or have extenuating circumstances we may be able to work with you and in that case please contact us via email.

Do I need to remove my sights and/or will I get my current sights back?

Answer: Yes, Wager Machine Works is happy to remove your current sights and we will send them back with your slide. Please note, due to loctite and other factors, WMW is not responsible for damage done while removing your current sights. While this is rare, if you are planning to reuse them on another slide and do not want them damaged, please arrange to have them removed before sending the slide.

Do you need the channel liner removed from Glock slides/ Will you install a channel liner after my coating?

Answer: You do not need to remove the channel liner, we will take care of that. If you ordered a cerakote or nitride finish, we will remove it before the finish and then install a channel liner afterwards so the slide is ready to go.

Can you install my sights/optic if I send them with my slide?

Answer: Yes, we have no problem installing your sights or optic if you provide them. There is a “Sight Install” item on each brand page that you can add to your cart ($10) if you want this service performed. This helps cover the labor and extra insurance required when shipping your slide with sights/optics.

Can you cut x/y/z slide or optic that is not listed on your website?

Answer: At this time we are not taking custom requests for slide models or optic models that are not listed on our website.

Can you cerakote just the cut area of my slide instead of the entire thing?

Answer: No, at this time WMW only offers full slide cerakote, sorry.

Which coating is going to be best for my slide: Cold blue, Cerakote or Nitride?

Answer: Each of these coatings offer benefits, but the main differences are: Cold blue is cheap and provides minimal protection for the cut area while allowing you to keep your tough factory finish or current slide color; Cerakote is a middle of the road, fairly tough coating that allows you to seal up the entire slide for good protection and change the color of your slide if desired; Nitride is the best of both worlds as it provides an OEM-like finish in regards to toughness, while also being applied to the entire slide.

Is the cold blue finish on the cut sufficient to prevent corrosion?

Answer: To be honest, the cold blue itself is not a stellar coating. It relies heavily on you keeping a light coat of oil on it in order to keep the metal protected. We recommend that you check your optic cut once or twice a year (depending on your shooting environment maybe more often) when you change your optic batteries and reapply a light coat of gun oil if the blued area is dry.

My slide already has a cool cerakote pattern on it, can you cut the slide without damaging it?

Answer: In most cases, yes, however we are not responsible for any damage to the slide coating when you are not having the entire slide refinish by us. The slide will be in a machining center with chips and coolant flying around and there is always a small chance that some unintended scratches will be made in your slide’s finish. Please be aware of this when selecting your coating.

Can you cerakote my slide in x/y/z color that is not offered on your site?

Answer: No, currently we only offer the 5 colors. This allows us to keep our lead times quick.

Help! I got my slide cerakoted and its starting to show scratches after I have carried it in a holster.

Answer: Cerakote is not a forever coating. At the end of the day, its just a very tough paint. It will wear over time, and certain holsters can start scratching it fairly quickly. That being said, it can easily be recoated in the future. Even though your slide may start showing scratches, that does not mean it is not protected. Until you have worn the cerakote down to the point where bare metal is showing, your slide will remain protected.

Help! I got a RMR optic cut on my slide and my chinese optic with a RMR footprint will not fit.

Answer: While we try to test and ensure the most common optics with similar footprints will fit our standard cuts, we cannot guarantee that an obscure optic will fit even though they claim to be the same footprint. All our cuts are done to the industry standard optics (Trijicon, Aimpoint, etc) while there are many optics that share the same footprint, we have found that tolerances vary quite a bit more on those “off brand” optics.

What size threads did you cut in my slide?

Answer: Most of our optic cuts use the industry standard 6-32 thread size. There are a few exceptions to that, but each product page lists the threads that will be cut.

I received my slide back and there is a small gap in front or behind my optic.

Answer: Our optic cuts are done to very tight tolerances, but we do use the recoil posts to locate the optic and not the walls of the pocket in most cases. There will be a .005″-.010″ gap in front and behind most optics. We do this for several reasons: The optic was designed to use the recoil posts to locate and hold it in place, the tolerances on the recoil posts are very tight (tenths) as compared to the tolerances of the outer optic body (.005-.010″ or greater). By cutting the recoil posts tight and leaving a small amount of clearance around the optic body, we can ensure good fitment without needing to fit your specific optic. While some companies offer specific optic fitment, there are positives and negatives to each approach. If you get your specific optic fit to your slide, that slide is now mated to that optic. If you need to replace your optic or change it down the road, there is no guarantee that it will fit the cut in your slide. At the end of the day, you do not need the recoil posts and optic body to be tight, one or the other will hold the optic securely. Our CNC machines can hold very tight tolerances, and just like how optic plates are sold without needing the optic fit, the same goes for these slides. We check each slide for fitment to ensure the recoil posts are sufficient. After cutting thousands of slides, we have never had issues with optics moving around under recoil with our cuts.

Do you provide screws with your optic cuts?

Answer: Yes, most of our optic cuts come with the required screws for the stated optic (with a few exceptions).

I received my order but something is wrong, what should I do?

Answer: Please contact us via email and we will correct the issue or work with you to come to a solution.

I placed an order, but have decided to go a different direction, can I cancel it for a refund?

Answer: Yes, you can cancel your order with us, but unless it is cancelled due to something that is our fault, there will be a 15% fee charged on all cancelled orders.

I need to make a change to my order.

Answer: Please contact us if you need to modify a current order. If you need to change an order, please do not place your slide in the mail. Wait for confirmation from us before you ship us your slide if there are changes that need to be made. We have a fairly quick turnaround time, and we cannot guarantee any changes will be made once your slide is already in route to us.

How should I install my optic?

Answer: In most cases we recommend using Loctite on the mounting screws for your optic. Loctite 242 or 243 is the standard. You need to ensure the threaded holes are oil free, as well as the screws. Using a solvent (ethanol, lacquer thinner, acetone etc) clean both the threaded hole and the screw itself to ensure a good bond. Allow 24 hours minimum to cure in most cases. The recommended torque for 6-32 screws (mostly what is used on our optic cuts) is 12-15 in/lbs.

Help! I broke/stripped a screw during my optic install or optic removal.

Answer: We do offer screw extractions in most cases for cuts that we performed, we charge $60 for this service unless it was due to a fault of ours.