Terms and Conditions

Wager Machine Works LLC (WMW henceforth) 100% stands behind our work. If you have an issue that is related to the quality of the work that we performed for you please let us know. By placing an order you agree to the following terms and conditions:

WMW will not be responsible for any packages that are lost on their way to us (shipped by customer). WMW is responsible for packages that we send out. Most packages will be sent out with $500 insurance, as stated at checkout, if you need more insurance, it is your responsibility to contact us and arrange that prior to placing your order.

WMW will not be held liable for turnaround time length if the required paperwork is not provided with your slide.

WMW will not be responsible for anything in your package that is not declared on the printed out confirmation email. If the paperwork is missing, WMW cannot be held liable for any of the contents of the package as there is no way to verify what was sent.

WMW recommends that all optic and sight installs be performed by a qualified gunsmith and WMW is not responsible for any damage caused during the sight/optic install that is not related to the quality or fitment of the work we performed.

WMW is not responsible for damage caused from removing the current sights on your slide, if you plan to reuse them and do not want to take any chances of damage, please have them removed prior to shipping us your slide.

WMW optic cuts are done to tight tolerances while keeping the recoil posts tight and using them to locate the optic. There may be a small .005″-.010″ gap in front and behind the optic for clearance to the optic body, but this will not affect your performance and the optic will not move under recoil if installed properly.

Any order that is cancelled not due to the fault of WMW will incur a 15% fee.

WMW reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee for any slides that are received with an excessive amount of oil/grease/dirt on them, as well as any adhesive stickers or grip tape on the sides of the slide.

WMW is not responsible for any marks in the coating of your slide when only a cut or cut and cold blue finish are purchased. The slide will be in a machining center with coolant and chips flying around and once in a while small scratches occur on the finish of the slide that we cannot prevent. Please be aware of this when selecting your desired finish.

WMW is not responsible for stripped/broken screws during installation. All our threads are checked prior to shipment and if you are having issues with installation please reach out to us.

WMW will not be held liable on fitment issues with optics that are not listed on our product pages. While many optics share similar footprints, in some cases the optic bodies vary slightly and we cannot guarantee a good fitment in all these cases.